About Us

Dabh Logistics is the largest domestic and international delivery network in India and had been pioneer in doing in courier and Cargo business. Dabh Logistics is a National brand and known for its goodwill. This is businesses which gives assured profit and have potential for continuous growth. Dabh Logistics is being run by people who have the experience of more than 20 years in the express & logistics industry. We are a professionally managed outfit providing you the fastest door delivery of all your important Domestics & International Consignments. Our aim is to provide world class services of all the Major Domestics & International players to small and medium corporate houses at a competitive pricing even for a smaller volume of business. We are here to meet your needs and to make sure that we add value to your business through our quality service                                                and wide range of product offering.


We will achieve leadership in the Indian courier industry by providing integrated logistics solutions to the customers distribution needs through our domain expertise by being dependable, responsive and cohesive organization.


It is our obligation to provide our clients with the most advanced high quality delivery solutions available in courier industry today. The operations module represents some of the best value to our clients and customers.


Dabh Logistics is a fair employer who employs people from various cultures and regions. Built on the values that define the way they do business Expressit believes in empowering the people to ensure accountability and responsiveness.